We craft unique benefits solutions that are always fresh, on-budget, and match your organization's needs exactly. 


We use advances in technology combined with years of experience to create better benefits that save you money while outperforming the competition. We are so cutting edge that we implemented THE FIRST computer-enrolled benefits program in 1991; we've never stopped looking to be the first at cutting-edge solutions and are a proven leader in the benefits communications marketplace.



We are particularly proud of our ability to develop needs-specific benefit communication solutions that take the stress off of over-worked HR professionals! We become a true low cost adjunct to your staff. We pride ourselves in exceeding your expectations! 

Our benefits communications solutions can often be offered at NO COST to you! These comprehensive programs offer a combination of one-on-one benefit counseling, online enrollment and education, group meetings with specifically designed education programs, and more. The specific combination of enrollment and education methods are designed to meet your employee population and your particular needs. We customize EVERYTHING to you - unlike other brokers, we create YOUR program around what is best for your organization, not our profits. 

Custom-designed benefits statements

Do your employees fully understand the cost of the benefits you provide? Do they truly see the benefits as part of their overall compensation package? Do they understand the correlation between use (or over-use) of the plan and increasing premiums? 

If not, your employees do not understand all that you are truly doing for them. Not knowing can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in turnover and negative moral issues. 

Let us educate your employees on the TRUE VALUE of the benefits that YOU work so hard to provide. 

Creative Self-Funded Plans & Redesigned Health Insurance

The landscape of health insurance has certainly changed over the last few years! Does your broker TRULY understand how to take advantage of the new rules? Is your broker up on all the latest health care changes that are so essential to your plan being in compliance? 

We are

In fact, we pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve on healthcare changes and being ready to design - or re-design - elements of health care plans to reflect the latest laws and regulations. 

We are also experts at designing health insurance plans from the ground up, creating a completely unique program for your organization that often saves costs and increases benefits. 

Innovative Group benefit Plans and executive benefit plans

Every employee broker has the ability to quote group benefits, but not every broker knows how to CREATE group benefits from the ground up to meet the needs of your entire employee group OR a segment of your employee group. For instance, we've designed group benefits for a doctors' group within a hospital's larger employee population. We've designed specific benefits for executive groups. Whatever your needs are, we can come up with a solution that impresses you. 

Contact us if you are looking for innovative group benefit plans, including long-term disability, group life insurance, short-term disability, long-term care, wellness programs, and more! 

Unique Cost-Containment Strategies

At the William H. Meyer Agency, we pride ourselves on being the most creative employee brokers out there at designing benefit programs that are totally unique (and some are never-before-done!). Because we understand the way benefits design CAN increase employee satisfaction with their benefits while decreasing the cost for you, our first approach is to find out everything we can about your organization and your specific needs or pain points. 

We then set about designing the perfect benefit solutions to your needs, often surpassing your expectations. 

We customize EVERYTHING to you - unlike other brokers, we create YOUR program around what is best for your organization, not our profits. 

Contact us if you are ready for a broker that truly CARES about you and your employees! 



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